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Lake Boulevard Restoration Project
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Images of the Road Being Fixed
Images from the Fundraiser 2007
Images from the Lompico Road Closure 2008
News Article in the Press Banner About the Road Open

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Lake Boulevard Restoration Project -- INFORMATION:

•  Overview and Background on Lake Boulevard and Visitar 

•  Faqs about the current condition of the road

•  Lake Boulevard Restoration Project -- How can you help

•  Canyon Request for Help!

•  Some Pictures of the road and people

•  Road Reparis Plans 400res or 600res

•  Fundraiser Announcement for Sept 29

•  Road Fix Updates - 13OCT07

•  Letters From the Canyon

•  Thank You Lompico Canyon

•  News Article in the Press Banner

We are pleased and relieved to let you know that
Lake Boulevard has been repaired and is reopened.

With your help, this essential south emergency access to Lompico Canyon was restored from water main storm damages of April 2006, closed for 20 months. The project taken on by the Lake-Visitar neighborhood (LBRA) took 4 ½ months, including the time to engineer the fix, raise $80,000 of funding and do the actual work. This was truly a community project, completely funded by friends and neighbors in Lompico Canyon , help from local businesses as sponsors, and hundreds of donated labor hours.

With heartfelt thanks to you, our great neighbors, part of a very special community that is the beauty and spirit of Lompico.

Our goal was to restore the Lake Boulevard access prior to this winter rainy season, and to engineer a fix to meet requirements as set by Zayante Fire District for their equipment, both items met and within the budget estimated. The new “bridge” structure has a weight limit of 30 tons, fully engineered and work approved by geotechnical professionals. Final paving work on Lake and at the bridge transitions has been delayed by weather, but the route is open for normal traffic and emergency use.

It is important to remember that this project was done with the complete absence of help from any government agency. Communities like ours are able to find solutions. Please plan to drive on by to see what good work you have done.

  Thank you from your neighbors,
Lake Boulevard Road Association, January 2, 2008

General Donations:

Fair Share Donations:

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Each household is asked for a Fair Share of $1850.00 towards restoration of Lake Boulevard damages.  Donation of additional funding above this amount, if you are able, is most appreciated.



Urges you to protect your investment

The Road Association
•  maintains access for everyone, primarily on the fragile and heavier-used lower portion
•  saves money by pooling funds and labor for general maintenance of all areas
•  creates standards for repairs
Our roads are open thanks to neighbors who volunteer to organize and work on road repair and maintenance projects. Road access and legal protection requires all to do our fair share.

FAQs Updated Click Here

from and around your property. Click Here for more Information

WHAT WE ARE ASKING from everyone is for you to share your ideas and experience with us to preserve and improve our road. Attend the next road association meeting even if you do not want to be on the board.

YOUR INPUT IS VALUABLE- Come to the meetings,
It's also a chance for you to meet your neighbors. Our small community can only benefit from good communication amongst us.

Calendar of upcoming events

3rd Tues of Each Month
Lompico Water District Monthly Public Meeting
What's up with Lake Blvd FEMA project - Water main & Fire Protection Restoration
District Office in Canyon
Call 335-5200 to confirm agenda and meeting date/time


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