This page is for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
Where do I send in my association dues?  
You need to mail them to LBRA P.O. Box 483 Felton, CA 95018  
Who do I make out my association dues to?  
You need to make your check out to LBRA.  
When do I pay my association dues?  
You can pay your dues quarterly or once a year.  
How much is the association dues?  
    Association dues are $240 a year.  
What area does the Road Association include?  

The Lake Boulevard Road Association area is in Lompico Canyon along Van Allen Ridge. The privately maintained section of Lake Boulevard runs from the top of the ridge where the County paved road ends, to where "lower" Lake meets Lompico Road, including a branch of Visitar. These privately maintained roads with unrestricted public access are legally called "common right-of-ways" to our properties. Our access is not maintained by the County of Santa Cruz. The roads are dirt or base rock, some oil-and-screen, with steep or heavily-used portions paved in asphalt.


Who belongs to the Road Association?


There are 65 homes within the Road Association area, whose shared direct access is via these privately maintained roads. Every homeowner is legally responsible to maintain common access roads. The Lake Boulevard Road Association is an alliance of neighbors formed over 30 years ago as a means of organizing labor and pooling funds for road work. This saves money for everyone and attempts to fulfill our individual legal obligations for common access roads. The Road Association has a history of doing an efficient job of maintaining the road with a minimum of bureaucracy and little dependence on local government. Some of our neighbors volunteer to plan, organize and schedule the work, but every homeowner's input is needed. Nearly all labor is done by neighborhood families who volunteer on "Road Crew" days for general maintenance or for special projects, combining many skills and professions.


How are road maintenance dues set and collected?

Road Association area neighbors meet to decide on maintenance and improvement projects, and as a community vote on the amount of road dues each household shares to meet the road maintenance budget. Each home in the Road Association area is billed equally their fair share of responsibility. The yearly dues amount may be paid at once, or in four equal payments throughout the year, with statements mailed quarterly. Current road dues are $240 per year  

How do I benefit?


Civil Code 845 states that all persons with a common right of way must pay their "fair share" for maintenance of that road, enforceable through Superior Court . Whether or not you are active in the Road Association, as a homeowner you legally share equal liability for potential accidents caused by "dangerous conditions" anywhere on the road due to lack of road maintenance. If you don't pay your fair share, or you deduct certain dues amounts to offset value of your own road repair projects near your home, we won't have enough for road maintenance and emergency funds. The heavily-used portions of the road are most affected, increasing liability for us all. As a homeowner, you need to protect your access for fire trucks, medical help and utility services, as this will affect your insurance and value of your home.




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